Monday, January 25, 2010

Who's Who?

What do those initials mean at the end of each blog or the catalogue entry in Picture of the Week? We thought we'd add a personal touch to our blog posts and let you know who's writing what.

Many of the catalogue entrys finish with EJ, which refers to the late Turner academic and author of the Watercolours & Drawings catalogue, Evelyn Joll. CB is Caroline Bacon, former Curator of the Cecil Higgins Art Gallery and JM is James McGregor, former Keeper of Fine and Decorative Arts, who together wrote the Print and Edward Bawden catalogues. JN is Julia Nurse of the Wellcome Trust who also co-wrote the Print Catalgue.

The blogs often finish KP, which is me, Kristian Purcell, Curatorial Assistant (and Keeper of Facebook, Twitter & Blogs). You may also find posts, facebook comments and tweets by Gemma Hutton, our Sales & Marketing officer, or Victoria Partridge, Keeper of Fine & Decorative Arts. If you have any feedback, comments or thoughts about the blog, Facebook or our presence on Twitter, let me know at KP

UPDATED: 8 June 2010
You can now find the curatorial team individually on Twitter

Tom Perret, Head of Collections and Exhibitions is on
Victoria Partridge, Keeper of Fine and Decorative Arts is on
Gemma Hutton, Sales and Marketing Officer is on
Kristian Purcell, Curatorial Assistant is on

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