Friday, September 24, 2010

Picture of the Week No.34 & New Acquisition

Williangton Stable, S. R. Badmin

I am cheating a bit this week and combining picture of the week with a blog about a new acquisition, but in my defence it’s been a busy airship filled week. This morning I have had a bit of a break from the dirigibles and have accessioned our newest acquisition, a watercolour by Stanley Roy Badmin (1906-1989). Its subject is the Willington Stable built in the 1530’s by Sir John Gostwick, which along with its companion dovecote, is the only building owned by the National Trust in Bedfordshire.

Badmin’s career was similar to Edward Bawden’s, both blurred the lines of fine and commercial art, by exhibiting watercolours as well as illustrating books and producing posters and adverts for companies such as London Transport and Shell. ‘The Old Stable’ is a lovely example of the kind of topographically precise work Badmin produced as part of the ‘Recording Britain Scheme’. Intended to boost national morale, the scheme was set up by Sir Kenneth Clark as an extension of the Official War Artist Scheme, to celebrate the home front’s natural beauty and architectural heritage.

You can find out more about the Recording Britain Scheme and see more of Badmin’s work on the VandA Website.

If you would like to visit the Willington Stable and Dovecote be quick as it looks like this Sunday is the last opening of the year.


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