Monday, February 14, 2011

Roses are red, violets are blue, today we present more Bawden for you

One of our favourite Bawden designs is a Valentines leaflet for Fortnum and Mason from 1956. Although the gifts advertised are a bit dated (not many women now receive a mink boutonniere from their beloveds or pearl handsewn hogskin gloves, both a very reasonable 5 guineas) the design and the poem are still charming.

My Valentine delights to tease me
Although he often tries to please me;
I’ve always found him quite unruly
Yet cannot help but love him truly
Were inconsolable apart…
What can I give to touch his heart?

My Valentine’s become a fixture,
She’s such a nice amusing mixture;
Though I’m her slave she’s not capricious;
Always looks and smells delicious;
I sometimes think the angels tend her…
St. Valentine – what can I send her?

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