Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cecil Higgins Art Gallery & Bedford Museum Group Pool

Waterloo RoadRoad ClosedThere was a band!little dogWills and KateGladstone Street
ladiesHigh Kicks (2)High Kicks (7)High Kicks (6)High Kicks (1)High Kicks (3)
High Kicks (4)High Kicks (5)High Kicks (8)_MG_7235_MG_7228_MG_7187
_MG_7216_MG_7302 - Version 2_MG_7299_MG_9999_MG_7295_MG_7280

We've been enjoying the photographs of street party celebrations in our Flickr Group Pool. If you have some great shots from street parties in Bedford, why not add them here?

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