Thursday, May 10, 2012

#thethingaboutme Pop-up Museum

We want to say A BIG THANK YOU to all the participants, volunteers and staff who made our first pop-up museum such a fun day. We managed to dodge the rain drops and some amazing objects were brought in. The event was quite experimental as it involved a great deal of input from the participants. You had to think what you might bring, what you would say about it and having done all that, you had to actually bring it along on the day. We were amazed and pleased by the number of people who brought things along, and told their stories. 

Some mini-themes appeared in the objects that were brought along.

1. Childhood bears (and foxes)
Foxy, collected by Gemma c. 1970's
Brumas, collected by Norma 1950
Harry, collected by Geoff 1956

2. Things that belonged to Grandparents, Great-Grandparents and other relatives.

A radio and tape player, collected by Keith.  Previously owned by Keith's Grandad. Listen to an Audioboo of the tapeplayer in action here.
Chocolate Tin c. 1914. Collected by Paul, previously owned by his Great Uncle. The tin contained details of a convoy he followed across Europe, working as a journalist during The Great War.
Brownie camera, collected by Tracey previously owned by her Grandad.
An album of cigarette cards, c.1920's, collected by Cicily, previously owned by  Uncle Albert Turner

3. Handmade things 

Black Cat made by Amy's mum c.1986
Collection of soldiers, hand painted by Susannah
Higgy the papier mache monster made by Katie

K9 handbag made by Victoria

This is just a snapshot of the amazing array of things brought in, which also included wedding dresses, photo albums, scrap books, hair dye, a bicycle, things brought back from travels, things made by prisoners of war, lollipop makers and much more. Thank you all again for making it such a great day. We've gathered together a few of the tweets and twitpics from the day.

If you came along on the day - please email, tweet or facebook us to let us know what you thought. What can we do better?

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  1. Foxy! I love you. I miss Blue Rabbit very much. Do you remember the journey to England? The train was a number one not budger. You said so.